Tuesday, July 31, 2007

De paper ees not too good...

Now you know I am tired b/c I'm talking like the crocodiles in the cartoon. I love those crocodiles. Dey ees funny. On Sunday they were like "ees box o' fun - no you see?" Ha ha ha ha.

I've decided to let paper be not so good. I'm tired of writing it and I have two more to go that are much more important papers, at least grade-wise. I did enjoy the topic and I did learn something, so that seems like mission should be accomplished. The prof is really particular about style stuff, but I've given up trying to please him on that. If I'm successful at this, I'll have an editor someday anyway. Quit picking on my footnotes, man.

Speaking of I have 2 extra pages w/the footnotes. But they're not indulgent. Word just formats things funny. I should turn off the auto-paragraph thing. It's so annoying when like half your page is blank b/c it's jumped down to the next page. Then it looks like you have more pages than you're supposed to and prickly prof gets pissy.

Anyway about 3:00 my brain started going out on me, so I figured I should probably give up this assignment, call it, it's dead on the desk. Of course I then worked another half hour. But I'm pretty much a goner.

gaaaahh my priest talked to the bishop today. don't know what will come of that or if he'll remember to say anything about me. Do I even want him to. I don't know. I tried to whine my way out of the PhD stuff yesterday but my mentor-prof would have none of it. Apparently I'm way too passionate about ideas to pretend not to fit in with the academic crowd, despite my protestations.

Usually J is home by this time and I take out my punchiness on him. But he's started teaching and is in Riverside until 4. Poo. That means he's not home until 5 or 5:30 or 6. Oh, I see my friend walking into her apartment. Maybe I will go bug her for a while.

Anyway, send me love and good thoughts so I can get through these papers. It's so anti-climatic when it's all you have left. Bleh.


Kate said...

It sounds like Naptime for Feminary, to me. Be well!

JTB said...

One of the lessons I have learned doing seminar papers: "done is better than good." At least sometimes. And often it turns out to have been better than you thought, anyway.

jsd said...

Good luck and good writing for the next round of papers.

As for the your priest visiting the bishop and all that may imply for you, the tried and true: and all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well. Talk about a journey not for the faint of heart. Keep believing in yourself, keep walking your path.

Anonymous said...