Thursday, July 10, 2008


Our movers showed up a day early, unannounced! We didn't have the house packed at all, and now they are packing it and charging us for that, plus we are trying to scramble to get everything together that we need in the car (some of which got packed by them when we weren't looking), and get ourselves ready (mentally and otherwise) to be driving away from here today instead of tomorrow, with our fridge still full of food and our goodwill bag not gone and all kinds of stuff not ready. This is about the worst thing someone could have done to us at an already stressful time.

Don't know when you'll hear from me again but please pray for my sanity. I'm not taking this well. Thank God the baby finally started sitting in her bouncy chair, allowing me two hands some of the time. But yeah, I'm sitting with her and the cats in an empty apt in our complex, unable to see what they're doing to my stuff, not knowing how much this is going to cost me.

It's just a crap day all around. OK, I'll be back someday when I have internet access again - and I'll be in Berkeley! Geez!!


M.J. said...

holy schnikes! Sounds like deja vu when the movers did the same thing to me last year when I did my Oregon exodus...

You didn't use the movers I mentioned to you did you?

Kate said...

It seems a little creepy and unethical and probably illegal for them to charge you for their mistake... Maybe you don't have the energy or time, but it might be worth fighting that charge.