Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The End.

Feminary hasn't been updated in a very long time, but I felt I should give a final send-off so that the last post on here is an official farewell and close to the blog.

This was a wonderful outlet for me during my seminary years (and a little bit beyond), and I see it as an archive of that experience, but something that is far more an artifact now than a representation of where I am heading or who I am today.

Please enjoy the blog as an example of one person's journey as a female encountering the Evangelical seminary world. I continue to read the comments and I love to hear from people who are still finding the blog.

Feminary was my place to vent and to rejoice over what I encountered as a seminarian, intern, very brief PhD student, and new mom. It was also a record of a person who felt called to full-time ministry and was pursuing that aim. While I still feel that is my true calling, it has become clear that the path is blocked and is not what I will be doing with my life, at least for the foreseeable future, or as long as I stubbornly remain Episcopalian, anyway. is time to move on. Become someone else (which I have already done). I am more focused these days on my writing projects, including writing liturgical pieces for the clayfire project (check it out!) and working on articles - maybe even a book - about the spirituality of food & eating. Hopefully my poor neglected foodievangelist blog will be a place where I can hash out those ideas, so feel free to check in over there in the near future.

I'm sure I won't be out of the blogsophere forever. It's been good to me and I think I fit well here. I certainly have enjoyed meeting friends through this medium. And it's not like I lack for things to talk about. Ever. Now finding the time to sit at the computer, that's another story...

So anyway, wish me luck & send up prayers as I continue on in this crazy call to parent now TWO children, and continue writing stuff that hopefully will help people connect to God in their worship, and try to find a market for the food & Christianity ideas I have, and even teach a little for Fuller now & then (I've really come full circle there - and will admit I'm flabberghasted that they let me actually instruct others!).

It's been fun. I promise, this time, this is really the last post. Bye!