Sunday, October 02, 2005

Still on the Africa kick

Now I've gone and seen Lord of War. Another great film. What a fun movie fall this is turning out to be. And between LoW, Constant Gardener, and this Dear Francis documentary that I'm going to see next Friday, Africa is constantly on my mind. Thank God it's finally getting some play in the most important arena of all: the media.

Lord of War will test your limits as far as violence goes. But it's not overblown violence - it's the kind that hits you in your gut. Because nearly everyone who is killed in this film is a person. They take the time to humanize the victims. That's no easy accomplishment for a filmmaker. So each time somebody dies, you're disgusted. Which is exactly how you are supposed to feel.

It's one of those weird movies where you are rooting for someone that you know is bad, but mostly you're hoping for his redemption. And you agree with the people against him, but you also see his struggle and his humanity. Nicolas Cage kicks some butt.

If you can handle being hit hard with the reality of the violence in the world, then you should absolutely see this movie. It's important.

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