Monday, September 08, 2008

More about St. Greg's

I forgot to tell the cutest part of the story from yesterday: so after the service we met the interim rector, and it came out that he went to FULLER of all places! That's about the last thing you'd expect from a singing, dancing, inclusive/welcoming, very creatively liturgical church that weaves together the East and West (of all traditions) in its ethos. But yeah, dude did his MDiv there (along with Wilma, one of my field ed supes), which means there's hope for me yet.

And so John and I were chatting while I fed the baby before we took off from there, and he said, "We should have known that guy went to Fuller. It was the first good sermon we've heard up here!"

Now I won't necessarily go that far (although it was by far the BEST sermon we've heard since moving), but I had to love it, because it was probably the nicest thing he's ever said about my seminary.

There you go, Fuller - at least you turn out great preachers!

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M.J. said...

hey so glad that St. Greg's is turning out to be the home you've been looking for. It's a church I always love attending when I can - of course those days are slow coming now that I work on Sundays.

Terrific on finding not only a community but people who challenge and preach well - looking forward to the day I can do that!