Sunday, January 18, 2009

Economic downturn

No, not in the country, in my LIFE, people. We need some security. I'm trying with all my might to just "faith" my way through this, but our savings just keep going down every month, and there's no work on the horizon, and I really don't like where we're headed when we have the baby to take care of. It's amazing how things like health insurance, food on the table, not becoming homeless, and even keeping a little savings going all become so important when there's a little one depending on you.

We aren't in the most dire of circumstances yet, but I'd rather just skip that part altogether. Every few weeks there's another scare - like when we were informed this week that J's $400/month student loan payments would start up again (fortunately, we got them re-deferred, you just have to reapply every 6 mos). Or there's a disappointment - like the zillions of schools who've sent us letters saying: "Due to the current economic situation, the position advertised is no longer available."


We even considered moving in with one of our parents. Now you know how desperate things could get.

J actually found a perfect, perfect lead this weekend. Of course, he missed the deadline. But he's applying anyway, because it's so freaking perfect for him. But it's not the first good fit we've found, and so far, nobody has even responded to any of his apps, much less interviewed him or anything like that (except of course the "we can't hire anymore" schools).

This is a really hard time to be looking for a job, to state the totally obvious. So I'm going to put the word out on here, because hey, lots of people read this blog, and maybe somebody knows about something, or can keep their eyes open for us or whatever. Ideally, he'd like to find a full-time teaching position. But as the months wear on, I'm sure our search will diversify (for instance, he's really interested in ministry and recently mentioned a church-secretary position he'd found). One-year appointments are OK. Anywhere in the country - and most of the world - is OK.

For his qualifications and teaching philosophy and whatnot, see here:

Thanks for your support and for keeping us in mind and in prayer.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that it opens up soon for you. Hang in there.