Tuesday, October 26, 2004

That there's some good readin'

Here are some fine examples of work by a few of my favorite writers:

(Amy Sullivan)

(Jeff Sharlet)

(Diane Winston)

(Rod Dreher)

(Chris Lehmann)

You are probably noticing the repetition of stuff from the revealer...well, it's a good clearinghouse for religious news. The other best blog for keeping up with news involving religion (which is most news these days) is Christianity Today. Seriously. Just ignore the editorial blather and skip straight to the sometimes-overwhelming collection of stories from around the world: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ctmag/features/weblog

(Ayelish McGarvey - this is actually the first thing I read by her but it's darned impressive)

Here's one more tidbit that I recently found on the Revealer:

25 October 2004: 380 tons of explosives -- one pound of which is enough to destroy a 747 -- have gone "missing" from a known bomb-making factory left unguarded by U.S. forces. Department of Defense explains that bad guys "stored weapons in mosques, schools, hospitals and countless other locations." Right. Such as bomb-making factories. NYT and "60 Minutes" will get kudos for this important scoop, but we're just as pissed at the press as we are at our secretary of "defense," whose title must be from now on written at all times with "irony quotes." Maybe it's because we just watched the second season of "24," which includes both a terrorist nuclear bomb and a mosque-stomping scene, but we're thinking: Couldn't someone have interrupted the very important mosque-and-school searches to say, "Hey -- who's keeping an eye on the bomb-making factory?"

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