Friday, June 30, 2006

Maybe life can be fair after all...

Despite what my mother always told me.

I'm very excited to have just learned about Pasadena's Ten Thousand Villages store. They are a non-profit offering fairly-traded goods from around the world. It's the first in the LA area, and I know my school's been a big support to the group. In fact, we are hosting a benefit concert for the store on July 11. Here are details as sent to me by alert reader Bob Carlton:

David Wilcox will be in Pasadena on July 11. The show is in partial benefit to a new, non-profit 10,000 Villages store location in Pasadena, featuring Fair Trade Goods from around the world. Layne Longfellow will be joining David and Nance on this performance.

This show is structured around the piece that David & wife Nance did called OUT BEYOND IDEAS. The album sets to music poems from many traditions, including poems of Christian Saint Francis of Assisi, and St John of the Cross , Sufi Mystics Jalaludin Rumi and Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz, Rabia of Basra and poems from Jewish Mystical Poets Judiah HaLevi and Solomon ibn Gabriol, Uvavnuk, an Netsilik Inuit, Tukarum from India, and the Zen poets Dogen Kigen and Wu-men Hui-K'ai.

Wow, sounds super cool. If you're not in Pasadena, see if there's a store near you - or just shop via the miracle of the internet. I for one am thrilled that there's a place I can go for gifts, coffee and my chocolate - knowing it's benefiting those who actually produced it!

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Emilie said...

I love 10,000 Villages! We have one in St. Paul ...