Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sometimes things move so fast

We are praising God that we had quick answer to our worries and have already found a new place to live. Of course, we are extremely sad to leave our current home, because it's "home" and it's by far our best apartment ever in the best neighborhood ever. But we're not yet ready for "best ever" yet, financially, I guess!

Anyway, our friends had an opening in their complex and it's a small one-bedroom but it's uniquely laid out so that it doesn't really feel like an apartment. We have a humongous window overlooking the courtyard, which is very nice with a patio, bbq, and pool. I haven't had a pool in several years and with our current heat I couldn't be more excited. I love pools!

Our stinky friends just informed us that they are moving out, so that axes one reason to move there, but there are many more. First, we save $440 a month. That's pretty huge. Also, it is walking distance to school, and to this internship I may get. That means no more dealing with trains or riding my bike up the huge hill, no more parking pass to buy, and J can have the car all the time which he really needs now that he's teaching at 4 different schools that are quite widespread.

I am quite nervous about the necessary downsizing to fit into this new place. For one thing, we have to put our office and current bedroom into one room. The living room and kitchen are less than half the size of our current, and there's no dining room (bye bye big table for entertaining). And we had finally gotten enough bookshelves to display all our books. Now we'll have to sell most of them and box the books up again. And who knows where the boxes will go, since we have no storage. Yep, we're going to have one hell of a moving sale.

This is the smallest place we've had in at least 4 apartments. J keeps saying it's our first backwards move. But you know, someone wrote on here about spending as little as you can so you can give more (I think it was a Wesley quote), and I've really tried to keep that in my head. I feel good about the decision, just not about moving or about the organizational nightmare which is a giant moving sale. But hey, it will all be over in a couple weeks!

And in the meantime, I'm goin' to Vegas, baby! So I won't write for a couple days.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. I think they were answered quite happily. It's amazing what can happen when you throw yourself on God and beg for guidance.

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