Friday, July 28, 2006

Things are looking up

Well I have just about survived my week with the in-laws. It's been so miserably hot but it's finally cooling down. Our new apartment seems to be not so tiny. Our new AmEx with the 0% interest rate arrived, so we're loading everything on that and money worries are pretty much gone until April 2007 (when the 0% ends).

AND...I had my meeting about the internship yesterday, and it's all set, so I guess I can announce that it will be at All Saints' Pasadena. I'm quite excited because the woman I'm working with, Wilma Jakobsen, is simply astounding. She's going to have me work with the college group, young adults, and I get to organize the Easter Vigil with her. And of course all the pastory stuff you do in these internships - vestry meetings, staff meetings, pastoral care, even probably preaching on a Wednesday night or two. I think it's going to be a great experience - she's told me she wants to make it so.

Next two weeks I'm doing Evangelizing Nominal Christians with Eddie Gibbs. I figured it was about the least bothersome evangelism class to take, since it will be more about discipling than conversion. I may not be able to write much since it's a 10-week class squished into 2, but we'll see. Perhaps I can at least post some class notes so you can see what we're learning.

Oh, and I also did the math and figured out that I could actually graduate next year if I keep taking a full load and don't take anything that doesn't count toward my degree. But come on, what fun is that? I have goofed around too long and now I face a year of Systematics, History, and Hebrew. Whoopee. I really don't mind much graduating in winter '07 so I will probably keep taking whatever interests me. I figure all these doctoral seminars don't hurt if I plan to do a PhD (wish I was doing it already - they are by far my favorite classes).

Today I get to spend the day with my husband's extended relatives. I'm taking a book.

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Stasi said...

Oh, shit, I'm a terrible auntie. I forgot to say also that my sis is preggers again! So I get another niece or nephew. That's fun!!

Dad lost his new job, by the way, the one he's only had a few months since the whole church debacle. So pray for him because he's back to square one and that's no fun.