Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wonderful, wonderful, and again, most wonderful!

Ladies, this one is for you.

I just bought a new swimsuit. I know, usually this is torture shopping. But I kid you not, I actually found one (and the first one I tried) that looks fantastic! I mean, I actually love looking at myself in it! I love the way it makes me look. When I tried it on for J he actually gasped and said You look so skinny! Not that I am skinny, but it accentuates the right places and tones down the rest. Seriously, this thing looks awesome. It's gonna be HOT HOT HOT in Vegas next week - and I ain't talking 'bout the weather!

So, this is my recommendation: it's a Speedo, and it doesn't ride up anywhere, and it's made with this under-lining that smooths everything out and then the over fabric is bunchy so it looks like it fits nicely (and hides little rolls). It's really amazing for a "normal" rectangle body. It gives me curves. And it's a cute color. AND it's on sale! Yes, at Kohl's, I got this $80 suit for $32!! Of course that is the best part.

I never thought I'd recommend swimsuit shopping for a self-esteem boost, but I can't deny what's happened for me! You go girls!

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