Tuesday, April 03, 2007

And we're off...again

Well for the second time in 3 weeks I'm off on a trip. This isn't the greatest timing - at least not while trying to hold down the internship, schoolwork, and a lot of part time work. But I couldn't miss this opportunity.

A blessed Holy Week to everyone. I am going to check out the Vigil at the Episcopal Cathedral in New Orleans. Sounds like it will be wonderful. And then upon my return I get to see a play by Furious Theatre Company, who produced the wonderful "Grace" that I raved about last fall. This time I'm going with our Drama & Faith class (I'm the TA) and we are then writing about/discussing (for me, grading) a comparison of the two experiences. How's that for a cool assignment??

Anyway, wish me luck with trying to sleep on the red eye tonight (usually I do not) or at least getting in some good contemplation time. I also have about 100 pages of Wesley to read before I get back so I can set to work writing a paper immediately upon my return. And I'm so far behind already in my Mystical Theology reading that I don't want to think about it! (at least J is taking that one with me, so he's been keeping up and I just read his margin notes which are terrifically thorough!)

Take care everyone, and I'll report from NO if I'm able or certainly upon my return.

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I found you on this site:


I like your blog and enjoy your writings. My mother, who went to a Lutheran seminary in Philadelphia (where I grew up), shares some of your views.