Thursday, July 03, 2008

Very quick update

Here is my very quick update because I'm supposed to be sleeping because baby's sleeping (and I got 3 hours last night - which has been a regular occurence, and actually caused me to get a little sick). Mostly I have to sleep in 1 hour increments, interrupted by an hour or more awake, and that's not a very great way to get rest.

I did my postpartum checkup today and lost 7 lbs from my prepregnancy weight (that is, all baby weight plus 7 lbs - this is probably because I only gained 20 lbs anyway, and I've been barely eating and breastfeeding which burns major calories). I also was advised no sex for another month. Oh DARN (that is so sarcastic).

Maggie is doing WAY better and although she had a growth spurt last week that cause some fussiness and crazy-eager nursing, she's mostly not screaming as much and we're able to respond better to her. We still have our marathon feedings now and then, but I've been doing some bottle feedings so I can take her off earlier (I'm doing breastmilk in the bottle). My one side is still horribly sore and even hurts to pump, but it's getting better with her on it so I might skip pumping it altogether. The other side pumps like crazy anyway.

Maggie has been doing these amazing explosive poops - it's really astounding the noise level that comes from a baby's tiny ass. Mostly anymore she fusses only when hungry, when about to poop, or when I take her off the breast because it hurts (and then I fix it by either giving the other breast or a bottle). And we have gotten those most rewarding smiles - when it actually seems like she's recognizing us. That's super cute.

I haven't been sleeping enough but I guess I already said that. I got scared because my breasts got engorged and painful and I was running a little fever and feeling very out of it, but a little sleep helped with that. So I know sleep is super important now, and I might just let John take one of the night feedings to help me get more sleep overall.

OK, I need to get to my nap now - she sometimes will sleep all evening and I need to start taking advantage of it, even though it's very inconvenient for me to nap through dinner. Oh well. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Oh, and we are moving next Friday (11th) so wish us luck with that. Am trying to keep sane.


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Moving.... with a tiny baby?

Dear Lord.

johnieb said...

My daughter has been going through this with her second since May 13th; they are lovely and difficult little creatures.

Blessings be to you all.