Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If Jesus Ran For President...

I'm disappointed in the jab at the end (could have kept it nonpartisan), but this has some good stuff in it.

I noted to J how "socialist" Jesus sounds, with all his talk of the "redistribution of wealth." And J pointed out that, in fact, Jesus is worse than a socialist, because rather than wanting all things to be equal, he wants his followers to be sacrificial - to give MORE of themselves to others than others give to them. Not that if you have an extra coat you give it away to someone with none, but you give your extra coat and your other coat too! Jesus' ethic puts us lower than means we are the last (who shall be first...).

It's just so un-American, isn't it?

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Delia Christina said...

Yeah...Jesus wouldn't make it very far, I'm afraid.

He'd be slammed for being anti-family values, hanging with the wrong crowd, inciting rebellion against the government, calling for more taxes, and then that wicked temper of his - !

He'd be awful on the stump.