Thursday, November 04, 2004

Democrats need Christians more than Christians need Democrats

The Democrats need to start putting Evangelical Christians in their party's ranks. Christians believe the Democrat platform more than the Republican; they have just been brainwashed by the RNC. If Dem's would get over their prejudices about Christians (and there are plenty of prejudices to go around on both sides), and start listening to someone like Jim Wallis or Amy Sullivan or any of the other several bright, Christian Democrats, they could easily sway things.

The fact is something like 90% of this country identifies itself as Christian in one way or another. Many more Christians are moderate than are conservative; they just need guidance. That is, the DNC needs to reach out to them - to recognize that Christians have been at the forefront of most major liberal social change in our country, and respect that, and remind Christians of who they are and their glorious heritage of fighting for justice (and I don't mean in wars) and the dignity of every human being.

After all, it was their teacher Jesus who popularized the whole "love your neighbor as yourself" idea.


New Life said...

That may be one of the smartest comments I've read duing this entire election process. I think you are absolutely correct. Perhaps it goes back to having to explain what one is NOT when he/she says, "I am a Christian."

I had someone attack me the other day until they realized I was on the side of the Christian that doesn't want to see gay people burn or women to sit down and be quiet in the church.

Great post!


lindl30 said...
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Delia Christina said...

it's churchgal again. ever since the election i've been struggling with the question why the left, which seems to advocate so many precepts that could touch a believer, lost this one. i think it's because we christian progressives have been too silent. it's clear that the left doesn't know how, or isn't willing to engage with people of faith across the political divide. i'm writing an article about this now and it's hard looking at the beam of intolerance in our own eye.

if anything is going to change, then we progressives of faith have to help them change it.

Stasi said...

Correction: I learned that 90% of the country believes in God. It's a smaller percentage for Christianity.