Tuesday, November 02, 2004

In a perfect world...

Seminary students would have their way paid by churches. Not because they make a promise to come work in the church (although that is certainly a goal), but because the Church sees the theological education of its members as a mission to the world, regardless of what they end up doing with it.

I would live right by campus and go to church nearby and walk to everything and get rid of my car. I could be involved in everything I wanted to be at school.

I wouldn't have to work.

I would understand Greek verbs.

There would be more than 2 political parties.

Everyone would listen to good music.

Christmas wouldn't start until December.

Churches wouldn't be territorial, but recognize that their worship style is unique (if it is), and therefore feeds a certain segment of the Christian body. Those who are not speaking the language of a particular church are encouraged to find one where they can groove with God.

There would be more silence and less TV.

Someone would pay for me to study Anglican worship in England.

I would know in advance which classes are going to rock and which will suck and thus can make informed choices instead of guessing.

People would be able to disagree and still be friends. They would be able to agree without being hostile to others.

I would have time to pray and work out.

And blog.

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