Thursday, December 30, 2004

What would Jesus eat?

So as I am formulating a very complex grocery list, involving strange items such as nutritional yeast flakes, seitan, and flaxseeds, I ponder the inevitable question:

Why do I care so much about what I look like?

We spend so much time and energy on these shells which our real selves inhabit. We are merely dust and clay and earth. God breathes into us and we live, God spits in our eye and we see, God calls and we come forth. But we focus on the part which God fashioned (or formed, if you are male) as our temporary home.

And as much as I wish I could honestly say it is all about being healthy and frustrated with clothes, the reality is...I would like to look good. In the eyes of those who really do not matter, and those who do, and most of all in my own eyes.

God loves me just as I am. God sees the inside and probably could care less about the vessel. It is a miracle that my eyes and legs and stomach and brain and lungs work at all, albeit sometimes not perfectly. Yet how can I complain? I see, and I walk, and my body knows to digest and breathe, and I am capable of rational thought.

Funny how the only creatures with this capability are so obssessed with irrational concerns.

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ShellyP said...

I believe God does care about the outer vessel. On the one hand we shouldn't be so concerned about how others view us, and on the other hand He cares about our overall emotional / physical / financial / etc. health and well-being. Happy, healthy Christians are a great testament to His goodness.