Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Oh, crapper

I said I'd write every day. So here I am, even though I must rush off to a rehearsal on the other side of town soon. On the other side of town, in LA, means I'll be driving at least an hour. Whoopee!

Anyway it's already burdensome to keep up this pace. Can I cheat since I wrote twice yesterday?

I got my grades and I'm actually doing really well. I am a little surprised. I always did great in school, but I'm not exactly in my comfort zone with the kinds of things I'm studying. Still, it turns out applying yourself (and having some brains to begin with) does the trick.

Can we talk about body image for just a sec? Because I am so obsessed at the moment. I hit that nasty time when suddenly your waistbands are cutting into your flesh. And I did the big naughty and went and bought two new pairs of shorts that fit my new giant ass. You know, I only really get bothered about my weight when my clothes stop fitting. And by then, it's usually too late to do anything except buy new clothes. I tend to be okay at maintaining weight, but losing just seems not to happen anymore. This year I turn thirty. Actually in less than a month. And I guess my metabolism is simply gone.

Anyway, as all students of any level know, it's nearly impossible not to put on a few pounds what with all the grabbing of food between classes and eating on the run and free pizza.

Speaking of free pizza, there was such in our courtyard today, with a program by a couple of guys who were in Iraq (one was a soldier but I'm not sure about the other) who are disillusioned and now protesting the war. There were a lot of people listening politely, but lots of people seemed pissed off. Like the guy would say that the media wasn't allowed to record wounded or dead soldiers being shipped away, and the person next to me said, "Why do they have to see everything?", so I suggested maybe because it's their job to keep the American public informed about what's going on over there. Then he simply said that the media are biased. Ah, that old chestnut. And it turns out that the media that he think are lefties I think are righties. Having worked four years at a journalism school, I realize that media people really try so hard not to be biased. They report what's there. And if what is there disagrees with your personal politics, then you're simply not living in reality.

More from the reality-based world later. I haven't nearly got the time to get into politics.


betsy said...

"and I did the big naughty and went and bought two new pairs of shorts that fit my new giant ass."

THIS is the big naughty? We're bearing the aroma of life and death to the world, living with a knowledge of sin and grace and the life of the world to come... and buying clothes that fit is a big naughty? Please give yourself a break. I know how you feel - believe me - but please know that clothes were made for the woman, not women for clothes!

Forgive me if I'm outta line - I love your blog.


Brandon said...

I imagine that forgiving the feminarian a bit of hyperbole or sarcasm for that comment may be in order.

betsy said...

You have a point. I was being somewhat hyperbolic as well, which doesn't always come through in text.

As I said, I hope I'm not out of line. I have much love for the Feminarian.

Stasi said...

It is not the BIG naughty - except in the context in which I was speaking. For me, right now, eating too much is a vice and a temptation that takes my mind off of God. I worship ice cream and carbs instead of my creator. And I obsess about how my clothes fit instead of thinking on larger things.

For me, buying the new clothes was not a solution to the problem, it simply allows me to perpetuate the sin. And that's why it's bad.