Thursday, April 14, 2005

Quick post today

Today on Feminary it's Vocabulary Day! Because I learned a new word. I am not, as recently accused by my husband, a relativist. I am latitudinarian. Now you may go look that up.

Also I just have to express my surprise that a classmate told me she went to a Taize service and really didn't like it at all. And I'm thinking, what's not to like? Well, I guess if you aren't comfortable with silence or repetition or whatever. But no, what she didn't like was how planned the service was. She was unable to worship with a bulletin before her telling her everything that was going to happen. She must like twist endings I guess.

And so we learn yet another aspect of Christian worship language. Some people genuinely don't want planning - or really, don't want to know what's been planned. I should recommend the Quaker church to her.


Anonymous said...

In your part of the world, I suggest you be careful about whether you recommend the Quaker church or the Quaker meeting. Not the same thing at all.

Most Quaker churches I've been to have an order of service that's handed out with the hymns, announcements, who's bringing the message and their topic, as well as the time for open worship. The amount of open worship varies widely from church to church.

Something calling itself a Quaker meeting is more likely to worship on the basis of human silence with vocal ministry as prompted by God.

Stasi said...

I am sorry I didn't make a clear distinction. I spoke of that which I knew not.

Anonymous said...

Well, you were really close! In some parts of the US (as well as several other countries) there wouldn't really be a choice. It would either be all churches or all meetings.

Sorry you're having a bad day!

Anonymous said...

Feminarian, are you on the AWAD (A Word a Day) email list? Latitudinarian is today's word.

Here is the definition for everyone who's too lazy or too proud to reach for a dictionary.

latitudinarian (lat-i-TOOD-n-ar-ee-uhn, -TYOOD-)


Holding broad and tolerant views, especially on matters of religion.


One who is broadminded and tolerant, especially concerning religion.

[From Latin latitudin-, stem of latitudo (breadth), from latus (broad).]

Today's word in Visual Thesaurus:




Stasi said...

Um, no, I don't subscribe, but that is a truly freaky coincidence. I had just read it in my history book (Robert Prichard's "History of the Episcopal Church", which, for a history book, is quite engaging).