Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well I thought I better post something so that Baptist thing can move further down and we can all stop worrying about it.

I got to write my first feminist paper. It was about the OT writings and Reading Lolita in Tehran and The Piano. I am now a huge fan of Phyllis Trible. Go Phyllis! And I also really enjoyed commentaries edited by Athalya Brenner (I didn't read much of her own stuff but she knows how to find good material) and I liked the book by Renita J. Weems on women in scripture. Did you ever think about the Song of Songs being a redemption of the love story ("gone awry") told in Genesis? Phyllis tells us all about it.

Also, why is Lois suddenly showing up on Smallville? Can anyone help me out here? I am proud to say that my friend Luke Schelhaus wrote last night's episode. I mean, I'm proud he's my friend. Sadly I couldn't finish the ep. I never got much into that show.

But today since J is looking for things to show in his Ethics of Sex class, I was watching season 6 of Buffy. And all of us who hated it at the time it aired were wrong. It's genius. Every single show is genius. Well maybe not doublemeat palace, but I haven't rewatched it yet. They are all about sex, yes, and love and addiction especially, but they are also majorly dealing with gray areas of morality. Finally, the most moral show on TV gives in to postmodernism. Yet the heroine remains in the moral center - she doesn't want there to be gray. She wants right and wrong. And people think that show is demonic. Geez!

What else is going on? I'm having a hard time getting myself into the ordination process. I was in it, then I was out of it, then I switched churches, so now I'm church "homeless" and nobody can send me to be ordained. Which is tricky because people keep asking me why I'm not being ordained. And also I woke up the other morning and realized that there was really no reason not to be. If it means that I would end up the lone priest of a small country church, well...that actually sounds pretty good to me. *sigh* But no one will send me. Which very well might mean I'm not called. I trust the church to pick their leaders. It ain't up to me. Even if I am called.

OK, my hands hurt and I have a huge day tomorrow. So I'm signing off. But at least now you know I'm still here. Please take a moment, by the way, to pray for the people in London. Thanks.


Kyle said...

I love the Doublemeat Palace episode! BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

I think the Doublemeat Palace episode is absolutely brilliant. It sets us up to think that the Doublemeat Palace's vortex of depression is one of those literalized metaphors, the product of some malevolent magical influence, and it turns out to be just another soul-sucking dead-end job. The whole of Season 6 is, I think, about just how complicated, difficult, and unglamorous the adult world can be, and Doublemeat Palace episode is a perfect example.

By the way, what are you looking for in a parish home? I might be able to recommend a place or two to visit. Have you tried the evening service at St. Stephen's in Hollywood? I loved it, and it strikes me as a kind of community you might like.