Monday, April 03, 2006

Faith Jam

Do check out the comment by Shawn Landres under this post.

You will see more details and good info on the Faith Jam. I know, it's kind of a dorky name. But I think it's going to be cool. Spread the word. It's free!

(I was told by someone in the know that the 100 seats reserved for Christians aren't going too let's have some presence!)


Shawn Landres said...

Actually, there were 75 spaces reserved for each community, and on the "Christian list," as of this morning, there were only 14 seats left....

This despite the "dorky" name! :-)

Shawn Landres said...

FaithJam'07 is just around the corner ...and we definitely could use a strong Christian presence this year, too!

The details: On March 8, FaithJam’07 will be bringing together the sounds and cultures of our world. At 7:30 PM, from the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center in Little Tokyo, bands as diverse as multi-platinum Muslim band Junoon, Israeli rockers missFlag, the Taiko-drumming On Ensemble, and the COR AME Gospel Choir, will take the same stage, in a unified show of spiritual connections. The concert is free to the public, with advance reservations (again, please visit to register).