Thursday, May 11, 2006

Great big praises to God

Wow...lots of good stuff happened today.

J just emailed and he got another job for the fall. Now we are in decent circumstances. One more job would be even better, but we are at least now able to pay rent with the two he has lined up.

I officially set up the details for working for USC to put together their national conference for college/university interfaith councils next winter. This is going to be a lot of fun. We're already coming up with so many interesting topics (music across traditions, how to get involved in world issues, spirituality and art, incorporating spiritual seekers and out of the box faith, etc etc). I think I'm going to be glad I did this.

Plus my bosses (mentors, really) are asking me wonderful questions like, "How can we make sure this job adds to your education and development?" I mean, who doesn't want to hear that! We had a wonderful chat today about what I've learned at my internship. They are strongly encouraging me to get a PhD and giving me all kinds of ideas about things I might do in the areas of ritual across faiths and cultures (world tour, anyone?). I think I might need to pick up some ethnography and anthropology classes. Oh, God, I'm going to be in school forever, aren't I?

Anyway, I have to tell you the BIGGEST NEWS, which is just absolutely so wonderful - our friend Nick went for his surgery and the tumor was gone!!! That's it! No more tumor, no more cancer. Just went away.

Is that a God thing or what? I guess prayer's got something going for it after all.

Altogether now: Thanks be to God.


Marshall Scott said...

Never underestimate the power of prayer, nor the grace of God. I have seen such things before, and there's nothing to be done but to sit back and give thanks. Blessings on all of you.

Samuel Bills said...

That it such amazing news - Thanks be to God indeed.

Caelius said...

Gloria in excelsis Deo. That's the best news I've heard in a while.