Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Life with Internet

You know, it's really, really hard to keep up a blog or email or life in general without constant home access to the internet. On the one hand, it should be freeing. But it's not - it's a horrible burden. This morning, we couldn't find our cord for the new laptop. It took forever to get to the library and wait for a computer so we could look up a phone number for where we thought we'd left it. Simple things like that are suddenly a whole project (not to mention you have to get dressed and walk across the street). And that's why the blog has been so sparing lately. I have no shortage of topics on which to write, I just only get 1 hour on the computers here and I spend all of that sifting through emails. I get over 50 a day. I spent my hour today unsubscribing from just about everything. Then I have no time for actually reading the important stuff.

It's crazy. I really hope once school starts I'll be able to spend more time in the lab there and there are no limits on time. So hopefully I'll be back then. Sorry I haven't written much.

Now I'm going book shopping. Hopefully I can shake off my tension and enjoy this normally pleasurable activity.

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M.J. said...

So what classes you taking this quarter? I was able to get into Rob's Theology and Film class via internet. Yippee!