Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter is out - oops

So my friend got his copy of Harry Potter in the mail today. OOOPS!!!

Shortly after his mail arrived, he got a frantic phone call from Scholastic begging him not to reveal anything about the book prior to the release date (which isn't until Saturday) in exchange for a $50 gift cert.

I hope this happened to more people than just him, because I don't want to get him in trouble. I just think it's really funny. Obviously he didn't tell me about the book, nor is he planning to sell it on ebay (although what an idea that would be) - he's too good of a guy. He'll abide by his gag order. But wow...he's a missionary - he could fund the next three years of his work...

But somebody is in BIG trouble over there, huh? Whoopsie. I wonder how many people got them - and how is he on the list and not me? Maybe we'll hear about this on the news. Or maybe Feminary is breaking the story! Woo-hoo!

UPDATE: the story has now hit the news (in the last couple hours). Here is a sample (they all say the same thing - please keep it hidden, suing the distributor, blah blah. Nobody is mentioning the monetary offer - oh, and there was a t-shirt thrown in to sweeten the deal, at least for my friend)

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