Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Some fun reading material

A great discussion on communion without baptism going on:

And something from my food studies listserv (specially for the fourth!):

Coming Soon...

Process cheese slices in red, white and blue. Process feta cheese slices wrapped in plastic for your Greek sandwich. Process cheese flavored like bubble-gum or root beer so your finicky young eater wants more!

[Actually this last claim I got from following a couple of links out of the article on to Here is a sample from that page – In a taste test at a Chicago-area elementary school, kids ages 10-12 had the opportunity to be one of the first to try blueberry and sour apple-flavored cheese. These school children voted blueberry their favorite and described the flavored cheese as “fantastic,” giving it a thumbs-up rating as a snack option they would enjoy. They suggested their own list of flavors that might make flavored cheese a hit with the younger set, including chocolate, peanut butter, watermelon and cotton candy.]

The link below will tell you more.

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Kate said...

...whatever happened to food that tasted like food?