Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Interfaith Organic Humane Farming

Wow, interfaith cooperation through organic farming: it doesn't get better than this!

(although I am interested in what this guy thinks the OT says about "responsible capitalism")

This article is about what the farmers are doing, and it's great. Now I hope I can help convince the consumers that they need to be concerned about this stuff also!


jsd said...

I haven't read this post, Eating our way to holiness, at but the title and the short blurp: There's a growing movement in the farming and grocery industry to consider the religious teachings on food when consumers are deciding what to purchase. This isn't simply a matter of more farmers growing food according to kosher principles or more butchers becoming more sensitive to scriptural injunctions about how animals should be slaughtered. There's also a focus on questions about ...

Thought I pass the link along.

Stasi said...
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Stasi said...

What a great site! Here's the link to the article for those who are interested:

Sue said...

Hi. I just happened upon this blurb while Googling for something sort of related. Although no one might see this, so many months after the fact, I wanted to call your attention to another issue that an ecumenical/Interfaith group of religious leaders was able to find common ground on, which ended up with "A Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion" (which is a starting point, and not the end goal).

I have links to some of the talks that were given in Washington DC, along with an icon that people of all faiths can click, to sign-on to the Proclamation. If interested, please see either, or go straight to to read, and hopefully, sign on to the Proclamation.

Please spread the word.

Thanks, if you do!