Friday, August 24, 2007

Me Ol' Boss's site is up!

And what a great resource it looks to be! Here's the email from her. I'm sure readers here will find it a fascinating site. (although wow - I started working on the website project for her 3 years ago! I guess good things take a long time)

We write to announce the launching of our new website for the USC Knight Chair in Media and Religion, The site aims to be the go-to destination for resources on covering (and teaching) religion and public life in the 21st century.

Want to know what Buddhists think of masturbation or whether Hindus approve of pre-marital sex? Check it out in “the GET.” Need some background information on the fall TV season's slew of supernatural shows? Read all about it in “the STORY.” Curious about Christiane Amanpour's CNN special on religion and politics? It’s all here. These are just some of the resources, stories, interviews that we've collected to help reporters (and journalism students) expand and enhance interviewing, reporting and writing. Our new media section offers tips and examples of what web-based coverage can do. And the classroom section has syllabi and student examples for teaching about religion and media — including courses on faith in Hollywood.

We're eager to hear your suggestions, comments and ideas for growing and improving our site. We hope you will link to our website from yours and forward our welcome message to your membership. Welcome!


Shawna Atteberry said...

Wow that sounds like a great site. I will go check it out.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I was disappointed in it. I searched around and found a decidedly progressive slant. Now if that's what you want, then you should be pleased because it is surprisingly comprehensive for such a young site. But if much of your source material is going to be the HuffPost, the Revealer, Pastor Dan, et al, then I suggest truth in advertizing:

"We want to be a one-stop shop for religious progressive news."

It's on my favorite list: I like to read from a broad variety of sources. Not as THE comprehensive site, but as a type of Drudge Report for progressive religiosity.


Stasi said...

Well, my boss was pretty progressive, as are many newspaper people, so I think that's why it is that way. She did spend many years covering the southern baptists during that denom's split, and has many many friends who are not progressives. I'm sure the site will flesh out. But I will pass your comments on to her so she's aware of the general reaction.