Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A cool & sweet idea

For all you sweet-tea lovers out there, this came in my Daily Candy tip today:

I Like Cold Beverages

When they hit the switch in the movie theater, you know it’s time to get busy. Shoving a licorice whip into a jumbo soda pop is something anyone over age 12 must do in the dark.

Iced Tea Sippers, however, were made to see the light of day. Old-fashioned white hard candy sticks striped in preppy citrus shades really put the soggy, sticky Red Vines mess to shame.
Handmade in copper kettles, the sugary Sippers come in three flavors: lemon (look for sunny yellow), orange (more of a clementine, really), and Key lime (think kelly green). The straws are porous so they dissolve at a reasonable rate, enhancing your frosty beverage all the while.

We’re betting you’ll be very happy with the result.
You are a sucker for those things.
Available online at hammondscandies.com.

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