Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Measuring up

So I ran across my "spiritual gifts questionnaire" when cleaning, and decided to take it for another spin, just to see what's changed. I originally took it before my internships - before I'd even taken preaching - so I figured it would really be different. And definitely my new loves have come through.

Before my "primary gifts" were Knowledge, Music (vocal), Wisdom, and Faith (in descending score order). Not too surprising for someone who, at the time, was primarily engaged in seminary study and working part time as a singer at church.

Now, 2 years of seminary, hundreds of blog posts, and 3 internships later, it was quite a different story. It's changed to a tie for maximum score (which only knowledge hit before) between Prophecy, Exhortation, and Teaching. Well there ya go. And the next two highest were Faith and, of all things, Mercy. Ha! I'm merciful now! Whoda thunk?

These tests, of course, are only good to a point, and the discernment of a community, IMHO, is far better. But it is fun to watch your interests and perceived strengths change over time based on new experiences.

I didn't write about what a fantastic time I had Sunday with Louis Weil. What a wonderful man! You CDSP/GTU folks know what I'm talking about. I got to have him to myself at lunch, and we hit on so many common passions: food, all things French, and of course everything surrounding Eucharist. It was such a delight to chat with somebody who could really challenge me and get into this discussion with me. So many Fuller people (being good Evangelicals) just don't get why I care so much about this rather peripheral part of the church's life. Even my priest thought my food ideas were "sexy" whereas my liturgical theology interest was "boring." Sigh. People don't get it.

But then you get with somebody who does and it's like the world lights up, it's like you suddenly realize you're not the freak you were thinking you were. OH, he made me want to go to CDSP. Maybe I can convince the bishop to send me there for my Anglican studies stuff (and get an MA in liturgy on the side). But then he also talked about his time in Paris at Catholic U and THAT really got me excited. Imagine: living in Paris! What a dream!

So now I have to revisit the idea of CDSP/GTU. I was discouraged by those I contacted earlier, but that was because I was pushing my food/interfaith agenda. When I get down to what I really want to do, it's change how Christians use food: it's to convince people to bring more worship into their meals and more meal into their worship (that's gonna be my catchphrase). The latter is a perfectly acceptable topic for liturgical theology, because it is about Eucharist, and who doesn't love Eucharist? (besides the people at Fuller, I mean!)

Anyway I have to run. Antony wants to meet and discuss exciting plans for reinvigorating worship at St. B's. It's so cool that he called me about it! Finally I am able to put some of this stuff I've learned into a real life situation.

Oh, if you find yourself chatting with God this week, ask her about my sermon on Sunday: I'm not sure if I can find a sermon to give, and I'm thinking about asking J to do it instead (he'll do great). It's not happening with me right now. But maybe that's something I need to work through - practice getting over preacher's block. Dunno. Input welcome. It's a nasty ol' passage to work with - very difficult to interpret. The gospel anyway. The epistle is fun b/c it's one of the primary passages used to support universalism. So maybe I'll just preach on that!

One more thing: yesterday was Pusey day for us. He's the guy who helped get the Oxford Movement going, and he made the most impact with his preaching (until he was told not to preach anymore). Maybe in the end the preacher can do as much or more than the academic. Maybe I'm not selling out - wasting my brains - by going with the preacher's path. Maybe these new gifts are something to pay attention to. It's an interesting question.

How funny that my blog posts are becoming all about what I want to be when I grow up. But that was bound to happen at this point in the game. Seminary's nearly done. The Feminarian must move on to some new adventure. God only knows what that will be.

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Kate said...

Instead of "exhortation" I read "extortion." I guess that is a gift some people have. Perhaps it's even spiritual, just not the particular kind of spirit we're looking for.