Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Last night I dreamed that I was taking practice GRE tests and I looked up and it was 5 mins until I was supposed to start the real GRE. I ran out in my pajamas with John in tow, and he's like, "We don't even know where the test center is!" (which is a throwback to the time he was supposed to take the GRE and forgot to check where he was going and missed the test entirely - not a dream, in real life) but I had checked enough times that I had an idea where we were going. And I was watching the clock anxiously as we drove (it's about 2 towns over) and miraculously it wasn't moving, but then it was like 1 minute until I was supposed to be there and we were parking and....

I don't quite know what happened, but then I was taking the GRE, and there was tons of Hebrew on it! And I was sucking at the Hebrew!! I've reached a bad place in that class - have fallen behind somehow, we're moving too quickly now - and I guess it's really stressing me out.

Imagine not only having to take the GRE, but having a bunch of Hebrew grammar show up on it! BLEH!!

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carl said...

GRE stinks. im taking it as well this fall.
oh and this is None from Facebook. i linked you on my blog cuz i think you do such a good job.

peace and good luck.