Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brain: Full

The GRE is over, and I don't have to take it again, thank God. I was proud of my writing (I totally lucked out and got to write about art for one essay, so that went straight to my interest/expertise) and as far as the other goes, I beat the minimums most of my schools require (600s) so I can rest easy knowing that at least my scores won't get my app thrown in the circular file. They're also not going to knock anybody out of their chair, which I'm dealing with (perfectionist side rearing ugly head: I far exceeded my real score on a practice test) as well as can be expected, for me. And hey, in the test environment you're of course going to do worse, because it's not your home couch. Plus I was sick and tired. And I swear the real test was way way harder than any of the practice stuff I'd taken, or the books I'd used for studying. At least the math was - but they gave me one of those annoying experimental sections, which was traumatizing, because I swear I didn't know even what they were asking on most of the questions. I'm pretty sure the first one they gave was the nonscored one, and it was horrible, so I was all shaken when it came time for the verbal (on which I was hoping to shine). But geez, I still cracked the 90th percentile, so I really shouldn't bitch and moan. Yeah, I could have done better, but I did well enough. The rest of the app is way more important anyway.

Speaking of applying places, I'll be visiting GTU and CDSP in a couple weeks, Nov. 8-10. So if any fellow feminarians are there I'd love to meet you. And I'll be at AAR too, checking out that scene for the first time. Woo hoo.

OK I have to do Hebrew now. This week it suddenly turned hard. I am sooooo miserable with it now. I don't know why - I guess my brain hit the full point and cramming more in just hurts. But that doesn't stop the exams coming. Bleh. Still, it will not defeat me. I just have to find the fun in it again. And put in a lot of time that I have neglected.


carl said...

wow! grats on doing so well. my biggest fear is not doing as well as i did the first time i took it 5 years ago /sigh.

also, all of my gradschool friends have unanimously said that if you can meet them in person your chances for acceptance and funding go way up. just a thought. but being so close to GTU im sure its something youve already done.

peace and good luck with the rest of the process.

M.J. said...

email me! I'm very close to CDSP now!