Thursday, December 20, 2007


So yes, I should be cleaning my house. I really have no excuse. I'm not even tired (which is something of a shock), although I don't think I quite have that magical 2nd trimester energy yet. Still, I'm out of bed (on the couch, but hey), and as I pointed out to J, I put on real pants today (he is in pajama pants, a t shirt and a flannel. I told him that he looks more pregnant than me).

But it's just disheartening, how nasty messy the apartment is, all 50 square feet or whatever silly amount is actually not under furniture. It involves putting away laundry that we did before finals. That's an admission of some pretty serious housework neglect. Am I ready to face what I have become? Or should I just go rent another movie?

Nah, I'll have to get to the cleaning. It's mostly for the catsitters, neighbors who I don't want to think I'm a slob. And I can't stand going away and returning to a mess (though I never mind leaving one). Because we are going to the bestest Christmas location ever - the obvious, the one and only, Vegas.

What are they thinking? They're thinking that this is the last time we're taking a trip somewhere without a child for a veeery long time, and where else would really suck with a kid? Probably many places, but Vegas won above our other ideas, at least. The point of this trip is to eat, primarily, and for me to hit a spa for a day, and to spend Christmas morning (or day) in bed ordering room service. We even found an Episcopal church a little ways off the strip where we'll hit service on Christmas eve. Yeah, when I think about it, I'm not sure why more people don't go this route. Our other main choice was to spend the week with our screaming/overhyper niece and nephews and their parents, my siblings, and my parents. Hmmmm. That, or the spa. That, or the room service. That, or the suite that's bigger than my apartment. You see how the choice wasn't all that difficult.

Plus I hear there are good light displays and there are some fun seasonal things to do around the city. But really, this time, it's all about the food. We've been planning to do a food orgy trip to Vegas for some time, and we always drop it at the last minute. Well this is it - now or never. It's babymoon time.

We're eating at restaurants owned by the best chef in America (Keller's Bouchon), the best chef in France (Ducaisse's Mix - that's Xmas dinner), and the best chef in the world (Rubochon's L'Atelier - where you get to sit at a counter while your chef makes your food right in front of you - how totally fun is that??). We're also hitting Bradley Ogden, because I love that he orders all his stuff from tiny family farms and emphasizes organic and sustainable food. All in all, I gotta say it's one hellava lineup. We may never eat again after this spoiling.

Let's just hope I get that rumored 2nd trimester starvation complex in the next few days...

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