Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life Post-Feminary

So I guess this is my first official post-feminary (seminary) post. Yes, last week I finished my MDiv. Can you believe it? Some of you have been with me for four years, since the beginning. But it all really flew by.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything particularly fascinating to say or report today. So far, being done with school hasn't been all that great, because I've spent pretty much every possible second in bed nursing the worst cold of my life. It is especially bad since I can't take most meds, being pregnant, and I feel guilty for the ones I do take. But after two sleepless nights - literally - I gave up and called the dr, finding out I could take Robutussin, which hasn't exactly saved me but it makes me feel like something's being done at least. I got about 5 hours of sleep last night instead of 2. Yay.

So it's sad, to have free time (finally) and not be able to enjoy it. I can't even think very straight, so I can't do much of anything but sit here and cough, think about where I should go to school, and send emails with vague questions that may or may not help in that decision. Thank God the internet is up again - I had no internet for the first few days. Can you imagine? Bed rest without internet?? What kind of cruel and unusual punishment is that?!

But anyway I did meet on Saturday with a guy who'd taught at Laurier, and he was sort of helpful but mostly just confused me more. One thing I have figured out: if I were to choose GTU right now, today, I would feel at peace. If I choose WLU, I will be nervous, probably until I get there (but after that I'm sure it would be fine). So is that some kind of sign? Or does it just mean that I actually got my butt up to Berkeley and therefore I'm more comfortable with it? But the GTU people have been so nice - the profs email me constantly and answer all my dumb little questions. I have a helluva time getting any info out of anybody at WLU. At the same time, the way that my mentor-to-be at WLU is described sounds a lot like my mentor at Fuller, who is probably the world's most perfect mentor. So that makes me want to go study with him. But enough to endure Canada's winter? I just don't know. Then again, buying a house is pretty darn attractive, way more than the grueling process that looking for housing in the Bay Area has already been (and it's months away still!). No, in the end, it still all comes down to whether I'm going to be a theologian teaching in a seminary/consulting for the church or a professor teaching in a university/playing the academy game. Either way I get to work with students, at least. I still don't know which person I am (plenty of other people think they know, though).

One of these days I'm going to write a post about what I've learned doing this whole PhD application process. But I'll probably wait 'til I've made my decision, since that's going to color what I learned, obviously.

Oh, I'm also doing the funness of preparing a baby registry. Being the ridiculous planner that I am, I very carefully read through lists in about 6 different books to gauge what we really needed. And then, when I'm better, I'll probably go to the store and throw out the list in favor of the cute stuff I find. Ah well, that's a first-time-parent's right, isn't it?

The worst of it is that J is also sick. So he can't even wait on me. What nonsense. We're pathetic over here. Yeesh, my head is spinning again. I'd better lie down. Got 3 more hours until my next dose of Robutussin.


Vitaly Kartsev said...

Congrats on finishing the MDiv! Kind of crazy to think it's really been that long -- I've been reading you since I was knee-high to a subdeacon myself. ;-)

I'm keeping your discernment in my prayers!

JTB said...

just wait till baby's sick, gets you sick AND J sick...it'll happen. cheers!

seriously, though: the neti pot was my salvation when I got colds while pregnant with Clare. if you don't have one, look into it.