Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Popularity of food books

And this is why my dissertation, if I can keep it from being too academic, could become a bestseller: http://news.medill.northwestern.edu/chicago/news.aspx?id=87295

Ha. I'm such a freaking trendy person. Not on purpose.

This baby is killing my ribs. Her butt is so hard. How is her little bottom so hard?! Aren't they supposed to be squishy??

Southern California has been cloudy for two days straight. Spent most of yesterday mourning this fact in bed. Spent today overworking. Am tired and depressed. Where's my friend the sun? And how will I survive in another climate?

Hey, J's contract extension got approved. Hasn't gone through yet (and unfortunately Kaiser has been informed to cut our benefits June 1, crap), but is verbally approved. Super. Thanks for praying. Still gotta figure out what to do after that, but it's a start.

His summer classes didn't get enough people to officially go, but they are trying to work out a way for him to teach the students who do want to take them and maybe pay him half. Half's better than nada.

One of these days I have to get out and buy everything my baby needs. And I am thinking that should not wait too long. But if I get all prepared and then she doesn't show for a month, I'll be pissed. I'd much rather she show up before I have stuff. Not that it would be convenient, but it would mean she's here, and early, which I'm SO on board with.

Well anyhoo I thought I should write something. Am still trying to get the Berkeley housing situation to work out and am also working out which classes to take. On the plus side, there's an anthropology of food class that it looks like I can take, and the profs are going to have me write a paper on religion & food instead of doing the exams. That should be really fun. The material is all "food literature," so it will be important and foundational to my work.

I do have to say that, despite being overly tired and feeling overly-whelmed, I am really excited about my new school and town. There's tons to do and I get lost in the details (house! pediatricians! insurance! classes! movers! roommates!). But every now & then I've got to make myself stand back and see that in fact, this is going to be a great life for me and for us. And then I have to be grateful, no matter how grumpy the sky is outside.

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