Thursday, May 15, 2008

Video Ut Intellectum

Announcing with great pomp and fanfare the debut of my hubby's blog,

Video Ut Intellectum!!

It's going to be a place to discuss the work he does in his classes that combine theology, philosophy, and film. Should be some heady stuff. Check it out if those topics interest you and give him some comment love.

I always thought he was pretty brilliant, but I might be an eentsy bit biased. In all seriousness, he's been making up these really interesting classes for years (e.g. the Christian approach to horror movies, movies and the meaning of life, etc.), and any one of them IMHO could make a really cool book or at least would be something that could be taught at more places. So I'm glad he's getting his ideas out there.

Who knows? Maybe it will help him land some jobs or even get published. With the power of the Feminary behind him, I can't imagine he won't get noticed. :)

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