Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doing better

Just wanted to quickly say the baby's eye is MUCH better. She's still fussy but there are periods of relief, and now Grandma is helping out with the rocking and holding too. I even took some pics to prove that she was awake and NOT crying.

Now we think that she probably has a little diaper rash, which is mostly from our not getting her clean enough. Thankfully Grandma is here to diagnose such things - we had no idea, and now she's sleeping peacefully over there with no diaper on. Gotta get some butt paste and then she should clear right up.

Anyway still haven't time to write the birth story (now that Grandma's here I'm actually kind of beholden to conversation instead of writing...) but I had to thank you for the prayers because I think they are working!! At least I feel better now with the help. Here's my adorable girl:

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RuthMcC said...

This wins hands down for diaper rash or nappy rash as we call it (in my humble opinion..) BLOGS ANCHOR TEXT: nappy rash
Butt Paste from Dr Boudreaux..