Monday, September 22, 2008

White Privilege

At the risk of opening myself to attack, I have to post this from Tim Wise. He brings up a lot of thought-provoking points. I don't know if everything he's saying is exactly accurate (I haven't had time to keep up with all the Palin family characters & ensuing drama), but it rings true. I know it isn't fair, but that's rather the point. It's certainly inflammatory, but c'mon, it's a blog! We know all about inflammatory here. :)

and the followup:

Here's a taste:
White privilege is when you can claim that being mayor of a town smaller than most medium-sized colleges, and then Governor of a state with about the same number of people as the lower fifth of the island of Manhattan, makes you ready to potentially be president, and people don't all piss on themselves with laughter, while being a black U.S. Senator, two-term state Senator, and constitutional law scholar, means you're "untested."


White privilege is being able to convince white women who don’t even agree with you on any substantive issue to vote for you and your running mate anyway, because all of a sudden your presence on the ticket has inspired confidence in these same white women, and made them give your party a “second look.”


White privilege is being able to be a gun enthusiast and not make people immediately scared of you.
 [stop & think about that for a minute...person holding a gun, or talking about their gun, and the color of their skin...and your gut reaction...this one really gets me]

[Oh, I do disagree with his statement about the amniotic fluid...there he is belying some ignorance of the birth perhaps he's wrong about several things...but I still found it to be food for thought...something to chew on...I think I'm hungry...]

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