Sunday, January 23, 2005

OK, I did it

I officially put together a Discernment Committee, which puts me on the very early first step of the Process of Ordination in the Episcopal Church.

I honestly have no idea how it will turn out, and I don't have any expectation or really even a hope either. I am really going to make this committee live up to their charge as helpers in my discernment process, 'cause I got no earthly idea if I wanna be a priest!

Still, it is an exciting move. We'll start shortly after Easter. With fear and trembling!!


kwpershey said...

If you haven't read it, Nora Gallagher's 2nd memoir, "Practicing Resurrection," deals in part with her experience of going through the discernment process in the LA diocese of the ECUSA. It's a lovely book- though I do like the first one, "Things Seen and Unseen," just a smidgen more.

Expat Birds said...

First off, congratulations!
Secondly -- great blog! As another L.A.-area female seminarian with a different (and amply confused) denominational affiliation but similar political/theological inclinations, it's a great read :)
The personal blog-link, by the way, is from a month-long Asia jaunt last fall and no longer updated. Perhaps in time I'll have a more current, more interesting online venue.

Vitaly Kartsev said...

Good luck with your discernment process. Mine was very useful, even though I wound up choosing not to pursue ordination and an MDiv at the time. I hope yours is productive no matter which way you go.

Karen said...

Good luck and many blessings as you enter discernment. My own process was a difficult but extremely rewarding one that ultimately set me on the road towards (Episcopal) ordination. May you be blessed with a strong committee with wise hearts and open ears.