Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Did you hear about All Saints?

Not my All Saints, but one I care very much for, being in trouble with the IRS?? Possibly losing tax-exempt status for an anti-war sermon? (um, excuse me, but aren't Christians supposed to be anti-war? Isn't this a statement of our faith, not our politics?)

Can we all say double standard?? Where were these investigators when the Republican Voter Guides were being passed out in bulletins across the country? When Dubya was being worshipped from the pulpit? Hell-O??

(the link is to the LA Times story, which requires registration, if you don't want to register I'm sure Google will find something for you)


Anonymous said...

NO I hadn't heard about the IRS and All Saints. Thank you! It is important....really important! Every one who loves Jesus Christ should take 15-20 minutes and listen to that sermon and say a prayer for America.

Mark Baker-Wright said...

While All Saints Pasadena crosses a few lines for me in how agressively political they are, this is such an obvious case of one-sided governmental abuse of power that it's appalling. I hope that this nonsense passes quickly and in the church's favor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard about it too. Interesting, to say the least.