Thursday, November 03, 2005

Liturgical Theology Joke

I have to give props to my Liturgical Theology professor who had to sit for photos today in our class (it was excruciating for him and for us) – he had to pretend to teach us and then he gave up and actually taught us but while a person was flashing in his face and telling him where to look and repeatedly bumping into the rest of us. Anyway, he had to write something on the board so there’d be more than a white background, and he wrote this:

Lex Orandi
Lex Credendi
Lex Luther

He proceeded to lecture us on the whip-smart humor of the creator of Superman, who cleverly preceded Saint Martin’s name with the Latin for “law.”

Now, some geek friends of mine pointed out later that the character’s name is actually spelled LuthOR. But I think that was just to throw people off the scent.

Oh, and those of you who are praying for my health (which I guess is one of you since only one person said they would), thanks, I seem to be recovering, and I put my finger on the dizziness problem. I'm a little distressed that I called the student health insurance people today and was told I was not covered to see a doctor unless something is actually wrong, so if I only think something is wrong then I'm gambling. They told me that if it turns out to be nothing, I have to pay for it, and if it turns out to be something, they pay for it. Isn't that a neat medical system? You can only go to the doctor if you're actually dead! And then, you can't go!

Well, J pointed out that he can probably sue if I die of cancer that went undetected. At least the cats will get to eat Fancy Feast the rest of their short lives.

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