Wednesday, November 02, 2005

prayer request

so if you all could remember my health when you do your prayers that would be super. i'm not going to get into details because it's - well, it's actually pretty gross. but suffice to say that it's becoming more than annoying and in fact a little frightening. plus i am dizzy for several hours each afternoon which makes reading or writing quite difficult during that time. and obviously i can't go that long doing nothing. the worst part is that i am terrified to get help because i don't have my nice easy hmo health insurance any more i have this terrible ppo thing and i don't understand how to use it or whether i'll have to pay for things so i'm just not going to the dr and i know that is bad. but if it turns out to be nothing and i pay for it (monetarily) for years i will be very sorry (this has happened before).

also j is still not breathing right and having his gasping fits and other nastiness and that's going on almost 2 months now. lucky for him his phd program pays for better insurance so he can at least go to the dr when he thinks of it.

mine is a weird combo of three sets of things which may be completely unrelated or may spell trouble added together. we will see. or not. we will probably just wait and see if it goes away. i know that is bad but save your breath because i've had enough guilt and nothing you say can make my health insurance any better.

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Anonymous said...

Of course you're in my prayers!