Friday, August 25, 2006

bad blogger

Well I'm going to become one of those bloggers who doesn't write so often. See, in our new place, it would be $50/mo for internet access. We don't have that. We moved to save money. So we walk to the library (about 100 feet) to use computers here. But that means I can only come over now & then, and only use the computers when they are available. Hence, I will become a bad blogger.

As far as my discernment goes, you guys have written great stuff. Go check out all the replies if you haven't already. Really appreciate it all. I've decided to get over myself and wait and see how the other dozen meetings go before I get all judgmental about me or them. Duh.

I have to go soon to meet re: my internship. I'm so nervous. It will be my first parish ministry. I've never so much been in charge of stuff.

Oops, blogger says it can't connect. This internet sucks. I better save this and publish if I can. Will try to write more later (about how my apt is falling apart, for instance? Cabinets literally falling out of the walls!)...but who knows when...

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Dan Morehead said...

Write when you can.