Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cry for help

They say that after a death of a loved one and a divorce, moving is the most stressful event in life. They're not kidding. It's especially unfun when you have to sell all your stuff because it doesn't fit in the new place, but somehow make enough to buy something to sit on and something to eat on in the new place. And pay for a truck rental and/or movers.

This last bit is chapping my ass today. I actually have a raging headache purely from thinking about it (and pricing trucks and movers). If we go with movers, then we pay probably $250-300, but at least I can have them come any time (I'm done with class and J is out working every day except Friday). But we don't have that much money. So we rent a truck. But oops, we can't load a truck by ourselves (especially because my carpal tunnel/tendonitis flares up if I carry anything too heavy). So that adds the stress of asking friends to help. I hate asking for help. Mostly because it's rude - people don't want to help and they shouldn't have to. It's shitty work. I wish to God I could afford to pay for people to move us like the last several times. But as J pointed out, every other time we moved because we were richer. This time it's because we're poorer. So the entire situation is different. And sucks.

Anyway, if you're a friend or fan of Feminary who lives in the LA area and could help out, you'd be doing a pretty awesome crown-in-heaven giant-ass mitzvah for someone in serious need. OK, I'm not starving or in a war situation. So I shouldn't be so dramatic. But I do have this monster headache. And while it's not a crisis, it is a need.

Email me if you can help. I'll owe you big time.


Marshall Scott said...

Asking for help is rude? Bite your tongue, child! Are we part of a community or not? Are we accountable to one another in Christ, or not? Yeah, moving is difficult work, and it's hard on those willing to help. But they're there because they're willing, not obligated. These are friends, one hopes, and not indentures.

It may feel somewhat demeaning and embarrassing to ask for help; to that extent we have become victims of our individualistic culture. But rude to ask for help? That's bad theology.

So, I'm not in LA, and perhaps this makes this sound too easy to say; but I hope you have more faith in your friends than that!

jo(e) said...

I live on the other side of the country, so I can't help, but I have to say that I usually feel flattered when friends ask me to help them move. It's like they think of me as family. It's a compliment.

I like to be included in the excitement of moving day.