Thursday, February 08, 2007

Busy week

Oh, dear, I've been away for a while. I'm sorry. It's midterms (she says in the hopes that will explain everything). Seriously, I did have two major papers this week, which went quite well. I'm spending less time on the papers for my history classes and that's a good thing, because I was overdoing them (I liked my grades, but there's a point at which one needs to cut oneself off). The paper for Galatians turned out really good (my peers and prof have been most encouraging) and we continued discussing Gal 3:28 for half the class today (it was already our topic on Tuesday and we never talk about anything more than 1 class. I think a thesis is forming for my final paper that's going to have something to do with ownership - who owns you, who is in control of your life. Well, that, and the mysticism in Paul, which is related. I'm reading Schweitzer on that one. I think there's something really interesting to be said about mystical union and being clothed in Christ. And nobody much has written on it for about 80 years.

I got to read Meister Eckhart for the first time this week, and I read parts of Julian that were new to me. All great. I am so excited to take Mystical Theology next quarter! Although there is still a little voice inside telling me I should take a class that "counts" for my degree...but then I tell the voice that this is starting to feel like what I want to do with my life (some kind of spirituality/worship emphasis, probably outside the church's structures) so it would be helpful to know whether this path is one I'd like to take, and I figure why not learn from those who've trod before me?

I am super excited that my friend who is a spiritual director is offering a 10-week course in contemplation and spiritual formation next term (not through Fuller, but open to Fuller people, so if you are interested let me know and I'll get you a flyer). This is so exactly what I need right now!! I really feel like God laid it on her heart to offer this b/c we seminary students need it so badly. Well she knows, she went to Fuller too. It's gonna be so good you guys. She even reduced the rate for us to $245 (which is $25 for 5 group seminars and $40 for three individual direction sessions). I'm psyched.

And tomorrow I'm going to the Getty to see the icons from Sinai again. I'm going to spend some time with them really praying through them instead of just looking this time. And I'm going to take my journal and sit in the garden for a good length of time. Sounds just perfect, doesn't it?

Then I have to come home and grade papers and write a sermon. Which actually shouldn't be all that difficult. I do love writing sermons - I love all the prep that goes into them, and of course the actual writing, and the rehearsals, and best of all the wonderful blessing of preaching. Oh God! I have missed it so much!! Thank God I get to do it again. Yay.

Anyway overall things are really nice, that nice post-busy-week time when you feel like you can stretch and breathe and enjoy a few days' rest. It will get busy again, but for now, the gentle cycle is on. Thanks be to God.


Shawna Atteberry said...

I wish I would have known about spiritual direction in seminary. I think seminary would have been a much better experience for me.

I'm going through Loyola's spiritual direction program this fall. I can't wait. It is such a needed thing in evangelicalism.

Spencer Erwin said...

Hi - how do I get that info on that spiritual direction course?

Stasi said...

Email me at my profile's email addy and I will forward the information to you.

Spencer Erwin said...

I must be amazingly lame, I can't figure out where to email you, can you get my email address from me opening my identity on the response?

Stasi said...

No, I am lame - I've been telling people to look at my profile but I took down my email address (too much spam)! Duh. I've put it back up there. Sorry.
But fyi, when I click on your name, it says I can't view your profile and you need to "enable" that function.