Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Into a Holy Lent

Each week we're invited to a Holy Lent by our priest. I don't know how much we get to live that, in seminary. For one thing, we're often shunning extraneous things, both to avoid materialism but more honestly because we are poor. And right now is week 9 of the quarter, which means ahead I have one week of class then a final and paper due within the first 36 hours of finals week (so it's more like I don't have a finals week).

Then I've really done it, because I take off immediately on Wednesday for my folks' house, to spend a few days and be in a very old friend's wedding. Hardly the time to bring up my feeble attempts to fast. I mean, I can do it - but then again, I can't really without drawing attention to myself, especially at the wedding. I've just planned around it in my fasting schedule.

Then the week after, my technical "break" (1 whole week between 20 weeks!), I'll be working on a sermon and continuing to teach a series at church. Which is fine. In fact, that week I will hopefully begin Lent in earnest, since I'll have time to slow down. Can't much slow down in the next couple weeks. Gotta go go go, keep up the energy, keep my mind sharp. Probably why I usually am sick during my 1 week breaks.

But I'm really delighted because I called and there's actually an opening for me to have a brief retreat at my favorite monastery in the world, Mt. Calvary in Santa Barbara (they're booked for weekends years in advance but I can go during spring break week). Oh, it's such a holy place. You must go. If you've been, you know what I'm talking about. I'm simply thrilled because not only can I go but I get a reduced rate.

Of course, it's not simple. Never is. You see, J uses our one and only car during the week. So I can't drive there. And although a train ticket is quite reasonable ($40), I have no way to get from the train to the monastery (high on the mountain, probably a pricey cab ride, esp. since we'll no doubt get lost). I was thinking also of Greyhound, but same problemo. I can rent a car, but that's going to be costly, and seems a bit dumb since I won't use it at all while I'm there. They used to pick people up from the public transpo, but there are only 4 brothers now and they can't guarantee that anyone will be going into town.


Anybody live in Santa Barbara and wanna give me a ride? :)
Or wanna loan me a car for 3 days?
(I should specify the three days are Tuesday 3/20-Thursday 3/22, probably picking up Tuesday around noon and dropping off Thursday early afternoon)

Actually, if any Fuller people who read this are going away for Spring Break and not using your car and might let me use it, I'd be so eternally grateful! Or if anybody wants to come retreat with me, that would be awesome! I'm sure there is room for you.

I read recently about the public transpo in SB and it's quite good actually. And there are lots of fun things to rent (Segways, tiny electric cars), but I doubt any of them would make it up the mountain. Nor do buses go there, I imagine.

Maybe I'll just go on the train and pray for someone to show up and help me. Nah, I don't have that much faith. Which is a bad thing. Because I do know I should go. So I should trust that I'll get there. But I don't want to be stupid about it.

If anybody has any ideas, leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy. What weekend will you be there? Eric and I will be in Denver from 3/16-3/20 and you're more than welcome to use our jeep (it's a stick). You can email me or Eric. I hope that helps you out. Eric said that he ran into you guys last Friday night at 10,000 but you had to go. Sorry to miss you.


Anonymous said...

Well, you simply must get to Mt Calvary. Anything less is out of the question.

I suggest that you call Trinity Episcopal in SB, explain your situation, and see if they can put out the word for you. There are many kind, generous folks there who know what getting "up the mountain" can mean to a person, so I bet you'll find what you need posthaste.

Caelius said...

I was visiting Mt. Calvary quite recently and noticed a notice indicating that the monks have some sort of arrangement where they'll pick you up and drop you off at the train station for something a bit more reasonable than a cab ride. They briefly allude to this on their web site, but you might want to inquire.