Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Join me in being an April Fool for Christ!

So those of you in Pasadena can join me at a fun event this Sunday - especially great for the little ones (those of you in other towns, maybe pick up the idea!):

The fifth annual ecumenical Pasadena Palm Sunday Peace Parade will start at 3 PM this Sunday at the Messiah Lutheran Church (Orange Grove and Madison, just north of the 210).

This will be a very fun, family-friendly Christian celebration and public witness. We start with 20 minutes or so of worship at the Lutheran Church (singing, praying, liturgy), then have a nice, celebrative walk down Los Robles to the Paseo Colorado, where we reassemble for public worship in the "mall" zone!

Being as it is April Fool's Day, the theme this year is being "fools for Christ" (the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world, as the Apostle Paul proclaimed, and this is certainly true of God's way of making peace as versus the world's!) The flip side of God's wisdom is the folly of war, which we see manifest on a daily basis in the deeply misguided and immoral war policy of our government over the last 6 years, a sad sign of our collective national sin. Bring signs, noisemakers, and lots of energy and smiles!

And one more Big Thing: I have a new nephew! Nicolas Craig, born this morning, 6 lbs 10 oz, 19 inches long. Mom (my sis) is doing fine, although says this time it was a lot harder (I hope that wasn't b/c I convinced her to drink coconut water instead of Gatorade!). Praise God!

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Dr. Laura Marie Grimes said...

Thank you so much for posting this! My family will be driving up from Costa Mesa--a little long for the rugrats, but we're sweetening the deal with dinner afterward if behavior is good.

My ten year old son was a little skeptical, but I explained it would be more interesting than sitting through a regular Palm Sunday service, and the importance of taking a stand for peace. So then he asked how many people would be there and said that if there were only ten he'd be really embarrassed. I said I didn't know but hopefully a lot more than that, since it's ecumenical and also this is the fifth year.

BTW, I am a sister RevGal and always enjoy reading your blog. I think this is my first comment, though. I don't know what you look like since there's no picture on your blog but there's one on mine if you want to look for us (our group also includes DH and DD, age 4) and say hi.

Happy Palm Sunday!