Friday, March 23, 2007


so my body completely gave out today. i've been running on adrenaline a few weeks I guess. There was the last week of class when I had to finish everything because there was my trip during finals week. and then I came back to a to-do list a mile long. Honestly the last three days have been the worst. I had to rewrite my essay for the growing up evangelical book, i had to grade 25 papers, I had to prep for last night's teaching series at church. That's what I got done. Plus I met with the people I'm going to New Orleans with and picked up a ton of assignments from that, due next Friday. I have two assignments for the worship video that are also due next week (and since they paid me in advance I better do 'em!). That's been driving me nuts b/c part of it is scanning a bunch of stuff and wouldn't you know, my scanner decided to break, so I've been stressing trying to fix it. Oh, and I am preaching in 2 days.

I'm not quite sure how this happened - it's just a perfect storm. Everything is good and stuff I want to do - a lot is stuff I'm being paid to do - but somehow it all hit at once. And then there are things I've had to release, like a scholarship application that I just haven't time to do. I don't even know if I'll submit to our literary mag this year and I always do!

I have baby showers tomorrow and the next day. Fortunately I shopped for them in Iowa. But it takes time to go. And I have publishers sending me notes about why haven't I reviewed the books they sent me, which is only fair and I do feel bad about it. I'm not going to take anymore unless I really think I'll read it.

So I didn't really realize how bad I was stressing, I just was trying to put my head down and get through this "break" so I can start class next week (when somehow I'll magically have time again, right?) and then go to NoLa the following week. Yes a week from Tuesday we leave.

But a funny thing happened: I woke up at 5 this morning and was very stomach-sick (you can fill in the details). Then I got in bed and slept a while, and when I tried to get up, I couldn't. I mean, I really could not move. Every effort - even opening my eyes - was exhausting. And I got up to get the computer and then fell into bed and slept two hours from the exertion. I tried to work (I did sketch out the sermon, thank God), but I couldn't type b/c I couldn't sit up (I'm reclining at the moment). So I tried to watch TV, and it was too tiring. I was too tired to even watch TV! When J got home he brought me juice and I spilled it everywhere and slept again. Now I'm awake again but still not able to sit up without feeling tired. I'm running about 100 degree fever but that's probably from being under blankets (I'm cold too).

It's just so weird. I've never had my body give up this completely. This is really the first thing I've done today and I know it's gonna put me asleep again. I'm sore from being in bed all day but our couch isn't comfortable and besides, getting up is too much.

I am assuming this is a one-day thing. Probably just exhaustion and some dehydration. I plan to be up and about tomorrow. I can give up one day, but if I give up more, there will be trouble. I simply have more things to do than I have hours in the day at this point. So I gotta rev up.

But I'm totally letting myself do nothing today, in the hopes that my body will reset and be fine in the morning. It helps that the body has essentially taken over control and won't let me move.

OK, I am worn out from this typing, so off I go to dreamland again. Take care....

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