Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Just a quick prayer request today. Those of you who've read this fall know that I've been struggling with claustrophobia in our new apartment, and we've had more catfights (I won't specify between whom!) than usual, since the available territory has shrunk considerably.

Well, our neighbors just moved out. Their place is bigger than ours, and the manager said we can move over there. The issue is that, of course, they want more money for it. $200 more a month, which is an increase of 20% for us. That's pretty significant when your budget only allows about $20 leeway each month.

So I've left a message for the owner asking if he'll negotiate the price. I think we could swing a little more, but not much. I just laid it out there and am waiting to hear if he'll go for it.

The place isn't so much better that I'd sacrifice heavily for it (for instance, the main large window overlooks a parking lot - ours overlooks a nice courtyard with palms and a pool). But it has a real-size kitchen (that you don't have to turn sideways to scoot into), and there's room for two people to stand in the same room without bumping into furniture, and you probably wouldn't have to move chairs to walk through the living room. But gee, what's the fun in that?!

Thanks for your prayers. I'm really fine however this works out. I've been praying for something to come along, and it would be so much easier if it were next door. The one downside is that I really want to start gardening in earnest (and worm composting!), but as long as we're here I don't know how we can. Not even a spot for a porch garden, really.

OK, that's it, back to Galatians!!


ms. tea said...

best wishes on getting that new apartment!

i have wanted to start composting for awhile and the latest issue of martha stewart has a very easy to follow tutorial on creating a worm composting bin in your kitchen. i want desperately to try this but for an old building that has had its share of bug problems i really dont think that keeping rotting food and soil in my kitchen will be such a great idea.

check out the article if you haven't already, i found it really helpful!

The maiden said...

Prayers going up from my end! Mazel tov!