Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Interfaith Statement on Global Warming


Good stuff. Our presiding bishop (she of the former career in oceanology) had a strong hand in writing it. I love saying "she."

Hey, the search for my next step is going very well. I've had a couple fruitful meetings with my mentors. One of them, upon hearing of my ambition to work as a dean of religious life in a secular university, told me to "run as far from Fuller as possible." Not that Fuller is bad - he said "it's a great place to be running from" - but because I need secular street cred and all my degrees are from Evangelical institutions, I gotta get out of this ghetto. My other mentor pointed out that I really bring a unique perspective to this sort of position and to interfaith work in general, because of my Ev b.g. Very few Evs are much interested in interfaith dialogue, and I can literally speak their language. So hopefully I can be something of a bridge builder between Evs and the other religions. I know that younger people (college age) are way more tolerant and curious of other rels, so it seems like I will relate to them more closely in this regard.

Anyway, I got a few tips on places/people to look at for PhD programs, and I also emailed a foodie listserv that I'm on. Interestingly, one of the people I was to look up wound up being at a university in Canada, and the first response for my listserv posting came from the director of the pgm at the same university. I found that awfully serendipitous. Am having some fun correspondence with him (at Wilfred Laurier U in Waterloo, Canada) and also with a guy at IU (Indiana) who is starting up a food studies concentration in anthropology. It's great to find there are several scholars working on this. It not only affirms to me that this area of study is legit, but it's just nice to find other food geeks. Also, visiting bookstores affirms to me that this is an extremely popular area of study right now and the general public seems to have caught on to it at the same time or even before the academy. That's rare. But I'm glad we're all catching on.

Gotta run. J needs the computer to go teach. Have a great day.

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Kate said...

I love the thought of you working in interfaith stuff, especially with the evangelical background. I really think you could do a lot of good in that kind of thing.