Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, as if I didn't have enough to do (meeting with 2 people re: my future, researching phd programs furiously - exhausting! - packing for my trip), I've been "tagged" in a blog game. But I'm a good blogger and will play.

Here are the rules:
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3.At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

And I guess here are my random facts and/or habits (which are gonna be short!):
1. I was born at home, not in the hospital, and on purpose. My parents were hippies and not into medication or machines, so they did it at home. I believe my mom sat on a what looks like a lawn chair with the bottom mostly removed, and let gravity do the trick. Not only was it pretty easy for her (and I was her first), but they all felt good enough to take me to a party that night (after I was born around noon). Says a lot for natural method, huh?

2. Like the person who tagged me on this, I also am a former theater junkie. It's my BA and something I did from basically birth 'til now. What's weird is that I completely don't feel like I miss it. I guess liturgy has filled the hole. I still enjoy going to a theatre, though, because there's this smell and a presence there that anyone who's trod the boards can recognize. In high school I was hot shit, but by college I was put in my place (despite being a theater major, I wasn't cast in one play for anything substantial - the director really played favorites. That was pretty painful). I think my favorite theater experiences were the summer plays I did at the local outdoor arena, where we did Greek and Shakespeare. The Greek was in mask, and it was tons of fun. At the end of the summer we always did a Greek comedy rewritten with contemporary jokes. It always ended with a chase and everybody falling down. Great, great fun.

3. Shoot I'm never going to make 8 if I ramble like this. OK, let's see. I'm developing arthritis that's gotten bad enough that it wakes me up sometimes. So I'm trying out glucosamine supplements. They seem to be working. Also I have a horrible skin condition that makes me itch constantly. I'm really self-conscious about it but I don't know if other people notice.

4. One habit I wish I had was a regular discipline of prayer. I am going to work on this during my 2 weeks off after the vacation. Try to get into something that will stick. But I've never made anything stick for very long. I'm too fidgety.

5. I have probably talked about this before but I'm obsessed with India. My first encounters were with Bollywood films, which I dearly love (and own many), and with the food. But the more I study the culture and the religion the harder I fall. My biggest dream is to get a Fulbright to study in India for a year or so, learning about their ritual life.

6. My husband and I read cookbooks, food studies, food magazines, and grocery shop together for fun. We argue about recipes. We discuss the minutest food trivia. We dream of the day when we'll have a real kitchen again. Yes, I am fortunate that my little hobby is shared by him.

7. Ah, here's a good one. We have a crate of 75 horror films sitting here in the living room right now. J came home with them one day and announced that he'd been shopping. After he picked me up off the floor, he said he'd just checked them out from the library. Anyway, they cover everything from the silent pictures through the Universal and Hammer monster movies on through the slasher flics and more recent supernatural stuff (exorcism and demons and stuff). I used to hate horror movies. Now I'm getting such an education on them that I'm starting to appreciate them on a whole different level. We even checked out the "torture porn" stuff but it was stupid. Incidentally, this is all for a class he's teaching on the Philosophy of Horror this fall (at Biola U, no less!).

8. Oh, wow, the end already! Thank goodness. OK, let's write one more big dream: I want a plot of earth so badly. I want a vegetable garden, and maybe some fruit trees and flowers. Definitely herbs. If I am ever blessed with a house, I believe I will turn my front yard into rows of crops. I so want to be a farmer. Well, part-time, anyway. I want to dabble. I want to grow my own food - I feel like it's incredibly important for me to be in touch with the earth. So there's one more thing.

OK, here is who I will tag:
1. episcosours
2. Scott
3. Eric
4. Father Jake
5. Dylan
6. Rachel
7. Barry
8. Jeanette


rbarenblat said...

Thanks for tapping me! My response is here.

Anonymous said...


Arthritis and a skin condition? Sounds like food allergy or intolerance. A quickie for one allergy/intolerance is a blood test for gluten intolerance. The other biggies for skin conditions are soy, dairy and certain ground nuts, although other allergies/intolerances could be the cause.

It might be worth finding a good wholistically based allergist. It will be somewhat of a process to find out what's behind what's going on, but my best guess is that it will be worth it.

May you find a solution. Bless you.

Grace thing said...

Thanks for playing! Fun play. I'm with you that liturgy has replaced my theatre leanings. There's much room for creativity in liturgy, too.

Kate said...

My boyfriend's family has three vegetable gardens; one in the backyard, one in the front yard and the third on a friend's farm. It is really nice to have fresh vegetables on a regular basis.

Kate said...

Another Kate here weighing in on (and agreeing with!) the garden. I'm assuaging my longings with a couple of plots at the community organic garden...anything like that available near you perchance? I'm loving it.

Well played!

Anonymous said...

Another possibility when you have a combination of arthritis and a skin condition is something called 'psoriatic arthritis'. You can google for that and get some information. I know someone who has it and apparently it is often not diagnosed; physicians don't always make the connection.

I hope you get to realize your dream of study in India. I went to India on a Fulbright many years ago and studied Hindu iconography, and the whole experience changed my life (for the better, in all possible ways). I didn't become a Hindu, I just came to understand a whole lot more about life and religion and the divine than I otherwise would have done.

Stasi said...

I don't think the two are related, guys. I've had the skin condition since I moved to Los Angeles (and really, before, but not as severe) 11 years ago. The arthritis just developed in the last couple months. My skin thing is hormonal - it gets very bad around my period - and the arthritis is from my mother, who began suffering the same right around my age (and is having her hip replaced at 55). I sincerely hope it's not as bad as hers!